Types of Fintech in Indonesia

Pinjamanonline.redaksikerja.com Types of Fintech in Indonesia – As one of the investment innovations that is currently in great demand by the public because of its ease, the presence of fintech in Indonesia clearly has a very significant impact on the economic life of the community. The technology applied to fintech services not only comes to making users more efficient but also some of the following:

Accelerating The Country’s Financial Inclusion

Inclusiveness in finance means that anyone can access financial services safely and conveniently. Previously, formal financial institutions in Indonesia were difficult to provide loans to those with low income and living in the region.

But with fintech, anyone without exception can reach financial services to improve people’s lives. This of course has an impact on the increasing value of Indonesia’s financial inclusion which initially only reached 20%.

Ease of use of Financial Services at low cost

As mentioned earlier, some of the problems that cause low financial inclusiveness in Indonesia are the complexity of the process of disbursement of funds and other costs charged to users of financial services. In addition to administrative matters, some regions also do not necessarily have varied branch offices.

However, since fintech is present in Indonesia, financial services are no longer time consuming and cost a lot. Armed with an internet connection, people no longer have to come to the bank and bring various kinds of documents to get financial services.

Just by providing an identity card and providing brief information, you can easily carry out financial activities from home at a relatively low cost.

Anti-Forget Automatic Payment System

Have you ever almost forgotten to pay a bill because you had to first take the time to go to the nearest bank or ATM? If yes, no need to worry because you can set up for automatic payment. Thus, existing bills will not be forgotten. This one benefit can not only be enjoyed by individuals, but also business people.

For the general public, fintech services that are automated and instant are well received because they minimize the risk of paying late fines due to forgetting.

As for businesses, product providers, and other services, this ease of payment will be able to help the company’s operations faster and easier.

Easy access to capital with low interest

Access to capital with relatively small interest will help the public avoid high-interest illegal loans that sometimes charge with a form of threat. In addition, if you are a micro-entrepreneur, fintech services are able to provide a source of capital for your business.

Lending system is usually going to use conditions that are much simpler and easier with the process of disbursement of funds faster than banks. Thus, the funds needed by the community can be used to fulfill economic life.

Living Standards Are Increasing

Easy, fast, and secure access can stimulate financial and market development throughout Indonesia. If people can use it wisely, the presence of fintech in the lives of Indonesian people will be able to improve the standard of living in general.

Types of Fintech in Indonesia

With more than 100 fintechs registered with OJK, the presence of this one service certainly helps solve financial problems in Indonesia. If you are interested in using fintech services, there are 5 types of fintech that you can use as needed, namely:


Have you seen a donation ad on social media from KitaBisa.com? if yes, such fundraising is one of the fintech service models that are popular in various countries including Indonesia.

Startup KitaBisa is designed with a crowdfunding model to make it easier for people to spread kindness through donations, without having to go to their destination.

Crowdfunding allows anyone who has an initiative or social program to immediately realize their goals. In addition to natural disasters or social activities, crowdfunding has also been used as a fundraiser to build the R80 aircraft designed by BJ Habibie.

Micro Financing

Remember that fintech is here to increase inclusion in Indonesia? Well, this one fintech service is designed to serve the financial needs of the lower middle class to help improve living standards and meet daily needs.

The lower middle class often do not get access to financial assistance when it comes to banks, making it even more difficult for them to start obtaining business capital.

However, since the existence of micro financing, fintech services have been able to become a bridge and directly distribute the funds needed to prospective borrowers.

The solutions presented are designed so that prospective borrowers can get capital with competitive returns. One startup that uses a micro financing system is Amartha which can connect entrepreneurs from the lower middle class in rural areas with the owners of capital.

Digital Payment System

Digital payment system is a fintech service that is able to help its users to make all types of payments such as credit bills, electricity, credit cards, postpaid, PLN electricity tokens, and more.

Payfazz is one of the fintechs that uses a digital payment system model where they focus on becoming agents in various regions in Indonesia. Their services have even reached areas that do not have access to banks.


The number of financial products and investment options can make a person confused about choosing the right product with financial conditions. But with this fintech service, you no longer need to be confused to get the ideal product to meet your needs.

E-aggregator allows its users to compare a wide variety of financial products and helps to make financial planning properly. In addition, this service can also find interesting investment information as future savings.

P2P Lending

Peer to peer Lending is better known as a fintech service that serves as a lending service. If in conventional banks all the process to borrow money takes a long time with the many documents needed, P2P lending actually easily provides access to borrow funds with more simple and competitive interest.

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